Lucky Days

Waking up to an eccentric old man usually involves some self-chatter. He mutters random words here and there and on lucky days he sings:

– Lord I’m Coming Home.

Dad stays in the car while I unlock/lock the church- that is unless he sees signs of life in the graveyard. He jumps at the chance to talk to anyone.

There is a generous/get things done lawn-mowing volunteer down there that has been taking a beating from Dad for years and has finally lost the fight. Enlisting soldiers, Dad has gotten the ladies of the church involved to help him in his quest to save the springtime flowers from being mowed down. A posted sign declares his victory.

At the liquor store, we buy two cases of Lucky Lager for when Ken comes to visit him. One case goes on the back steps like crumbs leading to his electric recliner. The other is hidden in his bedroom closet away from measly family leeches like me.

While I’m walking out of the liquor store carrying the two cases to the car, he yells from the store entrance towards the parking lot:

– Stop thief!!

At the grocery store, we go in looking for chicken but we weave through all the aisles anyway with the grocery cart as a walker. He says:

– It’s good exercise.

At the bananas, we run into Dad’s niece Lynn. He takes off his coat, rolls up his shirt to show off his skinny old man arm and a small patch. He laughs:

– This is my memory patch. The only problem is I forget to use it!

When the young teller asks him how his day is, he always replies:

– Any day you are alive is a beautiful day.

Have a beautiful day.




About Morbid Optimist

My name is Katryna Mary Brooke Ormiston. I am 35 years old and after living in Vancouver for a decade, I am returning home to my 81 year old father’s hobby farm on Vancouver Island to care for him in the final stages of his life. This blog is to document my journey, process my experiences along the way and hopefully share and feel connected to a community beyond the three and a half acres I find myself on. A message in a bottle in the cyber-sea.
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4 Responses to Lucky Days

  1. Celia Laval says:

    This is beautiful Katryna. Not because of the poetic words, but also the love and openness behind the words.

  2. Miss Dang says:

    Stop Thief! Precious. Parents say the darndest things

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