Crystallized Ginger

“I washed my teeth with Poligrip this morning.”

Says Dad.

Poligrip is a denture glue.

“It’s because you’re anti-Christian that you forgot.”

Dad says when I explain the lack of twenty-dollar bills in his bible.

“If I had Lady Chatterton’s Lover laying there, I’d have some money in it.”

We have a cup of tea.

“Did anyone give you that black eye?”

The man asks McLintock on TV.

“No, I won it.”

He replies.

“Do you know John Wayne’s real name?”

Dad asks.

“Marion Morrison.”

He tells me.

“She discriminates.”

Dad says to Nigel, the dog looking up at me.

“If you were a cat, you could go there.”

He says.

Samson, the cat, is always welcome on my knee.

“We have to get Delean to trim my Icelandic blonde and flowing hair.”

Dad says brushing it back with his hands.

“Both of them.”

He finds me in the kitchen.

“I’ve run out of ginger.”

He tells me.

“You’ll have to ask Nicol. He’s got a secret stash somewhere.”

I say.

“I think he’s rationing it.”

“I’ll ration him.”

He replies.

We sit in the evening.

“I’ve had a good run.”

Dad says.

“I’ve had enough hard times to appreciate it and enough good times to be happy about it.”


About Morbid Optimist

My name is Katryna Mary Brooke Ormiston. I am 35 years old and after living in Vancouver for a decade, I am returning home to my 81 year old father’s hobby farm on Vancouver Island to care for him in the final stages of his life. This blog is to document my journey, process my experiences along the way and hopefully share and feel connected to a community beyond the three and a half acres I find myself on. A message in a bottle in the cyber-sea.
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